Here is the list of those fortunate enough to have escaped the twists and turns of my maze, in order, and what they had to say.

1. Myuu (My guinea pig!)- First I wandered in circles because Mouse made some minor mistakes that made me going in endless loops! T_T
But then it got fixed while I said I was going to take a break but actually was still wandering around- And all of a sudden, I was nearing the end- And I began to hyperventilate- And then I was out!! ^___^ I never knew I was claustraphobic before this day.

2. Ebon - Made it!

3. Jaklor - I escaped mousie wousie...

4. Tisabyrd - wasn't really hard you only had choices every 10 moves
I'll work on that for the next one!

5. Dan - Well matey, I was trapp 'tin t' maze, so I was, so I was. I struggled mightily so I did, and twas more lost'n a lemmin' in capetown. I tried drawin' a chart, but me arms got t' tired t' draw. I tried runnin' as fast as I could in 'ope of findin' the exit. Gnarr, no. But that didn't work neither...
The rest was censored by yours truly, so as not to give away all my secrets. It was a lovely narrative, though! Thanks, Dan! I'll keep your suggestions in mind for improvements.

6. Virginia - Was a great game and thank you. Was having a lot of fun keep doing the mazes. Bye for now

7. Takerfan 1001 - yayyyyyyyyy im out on the first try too

8. Kyle - Thank you for all the kind words, Kyle!

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