Here are some links to cool MTM2 and Monster Truck Websites as well as a few non MTM sites.  Also check out the Cedar Point website and featuring the tallest roller coaster in the U.S.  Please allow the page to load.
This site is probably the best place you can download tracks and trucks for MTM2!  You can upload your tr?cks to his site for people to download.
This site has almost every link to any monster truck website.
This site is rich in monster truck pics, articles, race coverages, race schedules, links, MTM2, and much more!
The Monster Truck Madness Guild!  Site has help pages and Utilities required for Track and Truck making.  Well made site!
The place where people can post messages or questions about Monster Truck Madness.  There are always new messages to see.
This site has some trucks, many links to cool MTM sites and has some help pages on truck editing.
Has VERY high quality monster truck pics!!  A MUST SEE!!
The official LS6 Team site.
Site has a nice collection of replica trucks.
These sites are non-related.
Kush's Home Page
This site belongs to a good friend of mine.  He told me to have his site listed here.
If you have Flight Simulator, this is a great site for add-on airplanes, scenery, airports, etc.  Has full support for both FS 98 and 2000.
This is the link to the Royal Resorts website.  The resorts are located in Cancun, Mexico.  It consists of "villas" and it's a really beautiful place to go to.  Also you get to see out into the Caribbean Sea.
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Features a large MTM2 truck archive and has a very nice layout.
This is Bini's website.  Great site with many interesting stuff to see.  Go check it out!
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