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Chris Maxwell: Welcome to my hangout where fans can chill sharing fanfiction and fanart based on the Japanese TV hit "GundamWing". I have made this lounge in honor of the great Duo Maxwell.

Duo: Thankx. (She thinks I'm great. Woo hoo!)
Wufei: Don't gloat you Baka.
Duo: Cool it Wu'man. I'm no baka. Your just jealous.
Wufei: Why should I be jealous of a long haired freak like you.
Duo: Hey, never insult the hair if you value your life!

Chris: Hey, cool it you guys, Your ruining my intro.
Quatre: Yeh,cool it. Wufei you should know better. Duo has his own reasons for having long hair.
Duo: #pouting# Yeh, that hurts.
Wufei: I'm getting outta here. Too many Duo supporters. It's no fun making insults in here.

Chris: Right, now that's sorted lets get on with it... someone get that bottle off of  Duo! You know he takes hair jokes literally!
Trowa: Got it!
Duo: Leave me be! You know I'm mourning over here #sniff#
Heero: Oh, grow up Duo.

Chris: Once again welcome to hangout and enjoy!
Duo to others: You don't think I'm a baka do you?
Trowa: ...
Quatre: Of course not. #nudges Trowa#
Trowa: Eh...no. You're not a baka.
Duo: Delayed reaction or what!

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