Teen Iceman's
'68 Kaiser Jeep

This was Iceman's jeep when he was a teenager.

mf68kaiser3.jpg (17995 bytes) This was black jeep, a 1968 Kaiser Jeep.  It was powered by a Buick 225 V-6 bored .30" over, Crower racing cam, Edlebrock 4 barrel manifold, Mallory dual point ignition, Holley four barrel carburetor, Muncie four speed trans. with Hurst quick shifter. It also had power tilt wheel steering, and a Warn overdrive and 5:38 gears housed in Dana axles.  It had many extra's even at today's standards, including full cage roll bar with sound, dual tanks, gas can rack, Warn winch, custom suspension and more. 
This is Wentworth Springs in 1980.  It was with this jeep that "Teen Iceman" learned all about jeeps and started doing my own modifications.   This jeep had been reworked from the ground up.  He did all the fabrication, gear work, and even painted it.

mf68kaiser2.jpg (23366 bytes)

Working their from Loon Lake to the Rubicon.  It was Memorial day, there was a lot of snow melt.  A great time in the mud!  Looks like a little road building was taking place too!

mf68kaiser.jpg (34666 bytes)

That's Teen Iceman's Dad driving....he knew about jeeps too.   Don't forget to check out his page, he had a '53 M38A1 and he taught him everything about jeeps including steel fabrication, engine and gear work.  He was probably teaching him how to drive right here also!

 Chehalis Washington, 1981.

mf68kaiser1.jpg (42152 bytes) Whoops, here we go again. This is the second jeep rolled by Iceman.  This guy is incorrigible!  Too bad after all that work. See the first one on The Harlanator's Page.

Black jeep was rolled in 1981, and rebuilt by Iceman in Olympia Washington.  It was later sold at Dinkey Creek, CA for $4000.00 in 1982. 


mf68kaiser4.jpg (21138 bytes)

After the rebuild.  The frame and rollbar had to be straightened and it needed all new fenders, hood, grill, wind shield and paint. Couple of the wheels were bent too, and eventually replaced.   Here, the only thing left to do is put a hood on it and get a new soft top. 

Olympia Wa., 1981

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