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'59 Willys Jeep

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Rubicon '99

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Rubicon '98 (before the crash).

Gator's Jeep features:

sfcj8rub98.jpg (38245 bytes)  Whoops!sfcj5rub98.jpg (8911 bytes)

sfcj6rub98.jpg (46227 bytes)

Luckily no body was hurt, and he was up and running in an hour or two.  He has been relegated to "Rookie driver" after this one!!!  BTW, it fixed a couple dents too!


                                                                           Coming back over real easy.

Hell Hole

hhsf1.jpg (92483 bytes)

Here, Gator start his way down to Hell Hole Lake. 

hhsf2.jpg (53431 bytes)

Oh, he likes doing that!!

hhsf3.jpg (79774 bytes)

Gator and Ice Jr. wait while a jeep ahead gets fixed.  No way around!

Barrett Lake

barrjslf00.jpg (40393 bytes)

Gator at Barrett Lake Trail, doing That "Elegant Thang".

Barrslf1.jpg (47579 bytes)

More rocks to negotiate.

Barrslf2.jpg (53338 bytes)

Gator's buddy GW goes up ahead to check out the situation.

Barrslf4.jpg (45673 bytes)

Notice that rear tire, way up in the air.  Who need's articulation?

Barrslf3.jpg (44875 bytes)

Here he does a little body work.  He added a pretty big running board dent, and he was all upset about it, but none of us could even tell.  (What's another dent when you have a hundred of 'em!)

barrgw1.jpg (56521 bytes)

Here's GW's new paint job, his machine looks real good.  Too bad he scraped every corner on the trail.

barrgw2.jpg (49492 bytes)

Good thing he owns his own body shop, cause now he needs to fix that fender.  Well that's it for Barrett Lake Trail 2000.  It's a ruff dude, none of us came out unscathed.

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