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After many modifications, like the  Ford 302 efi engine conversion, and springover axle suspension or the 4.10:1 gears and power locks, it's been trail tested and passed! It's been banged up, scratched up, tore up and basically thrashed, but it keeps going strong. It's been over all the ruggedest trails such as the Rubicon, Dusy-Ershim Creek, Barrett Lake, Red/Coyote Lakes, Hell Hole and more. Go for a virtual jeep ride to some of these places.......................
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Jeep Jam!

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Jeepin' has been part of our life from childhood, thanks to my Dad who had a '53 M38A1 Military Jeep when we were kids. So we've been carrying on the tradition, my brother and myself, and we still have jeeps. As a teenagers, we started on our own, and I had a '68 Kaiser CJ5 , and my brother had a '59 Willys CJ5 which he still has today!  Many years later, my '82 AMC CJ5 is no slouch. Not only that, but the tendency runs deep throughout the family, even our uncles, cousins and their brothers, and their friends have jeeps and we all get together.......and we go jeepin'!

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Engine Conversion
Spring over/Shackle Reversal

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Barrett Lake 2001

Barrett Lake 2000

Hell Hole '99

Rubicon '98

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