Welcome to the Unofficial Medium Attack Weapons Detachment Page

This page is dedicated to all Enlisted and Officers who served with or made detachments to MATKWEPSDET, NAF El Centro.  This page is here to serve all former shipmates with the capability to remember our days serving together and as a way of keeping in touch with our former shipmates.

My name is Steven A. Greenstein.   I am a former AZ2 that served as a plankowner in MATKWEPSDET.  I was the first person, that was TAD'd(Temporary Assigned Duty) from the VA-42 Green Pawns to NAF El Centro for the purpose of  acquiring equipment and facilities for the future Medium Attack Weapons Detachment.  I was the only one of the seven that chose to get permanently assigned to the detachment in 1987 (I think I was the only one that wanted to!!!!).  I left the detachment in February of 1990. 

I was able to visit the detachment once more after my discharge, but was unable to keep contact with most of my fellow shipmates. 

Thanks to my wife, she gave me the idea to create this page to allow us to find each other and keep in touch and possibly remember the good, and of course the bad days we had in MATKWEPSDET.

Some of the features that are written into the page are based on actual events that occurred during my time there. 



11/27/04: Update!

In April, this page will be Ten years old!!!

A few of the links have died and I am trying to update them.  I am going to rescan some of the picture on the photo page that got lost during the move back to Geocities.  I have included a more current picture of me so you all can see what 15 years of Holiday Turkey has done to me!!!!

Found that there are a few former MATKWEPSDET members at the Classmates website.  The address to Classmates is now on my links page. 

I am not going to promise anything sooner than twice a year to try to update the page.  The work situation has calmed down a bit and I hope to have a bit more time to put into the page.  I only get tidbits on the guestbook of former MAWD personnel so nothing new to really report. 

If you have anything you would like to submit for the page pertaining to your days at old "Hell Centro", send me an email at the address below.  

BZ to all that contributed to the page and good luck to all former MAWD members as well as SFMU members with your current and future endevours. 

If you have a question regarding MATKWEPSDET, just send an email and I would be more than happy to answer it.

Best Regards,

Steven A. Greenstein

Please email me at or for questions or comments.

This Page was last updated on 27 November 2004


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