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Masterton Hash has had 926 Runs 
(as at 23/04/2006)

Our Start

Budgie (Des Johnston), from Wellington Hash bought a Motel in Masterton and missed the exercise of the Monday Night sessions.

He had established himself with a drinking school based in the Army's Garrison Club.   Budgie decided to start a local Hash and started by putting the following advertisement in the paper.

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First Run

The following turned up and MH3 started.

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Contact Information

We run every Monday, starting officially at 6:00pm - but usually after this.
(This means the first Hasher turns up just after 6:00, the rest after that and we might get way at about 6:10 or 6:15)

The venue is sometimes advertised in the What's On segments of the local Radio Stations, Hitz89 FM and Wairarapa 91FM if we remember to tell them where we are running from

06-3789063 and ask Sewerage's missus where we start from.
064-6-3789063 if you are really desperate, but don't expect a reply
Postal address
Write to Jughead , (Steve Larsen) Brooklyn Road, RD 1, Carterton. or ring him on 06-379-7163 or 06-379-7184 (fax) or his cell phone 027-236-4659
Electronic mail
We have given up on this as we get too much spam - ring us or Snail Mail but Juggie is prepared to take the risk so try him on (Use @ for AT)

Webmaster: - Sounds flash - eh
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InterHash in Goa, 2002

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