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     One of the greatest metal bands of the 80's, Metallica defined an era.  They attained a huge fan base thanks to their unique vocals and killer guitar playing.  The thing that made the band most endearing, however, was their authenticity.  They never sold out to the big commercial companies, and refused to create the popular type of music of the day.  Saddly, that is not the Metallica we all know today.  What we know today is the huge Metallica franchise.  No longer is the band worried about quality and originality.  Now it is only the green that matters.  Take it from the puppet master (I'm an avid metallica fan of the past), don't waste your money on the new commercial garbage.  Instead, buy the Metallica of old.  Forget the short hair, baseball caps, and three minute songs of today.  Go for the long hair, leather jackets, and eight minute songs of the past.

                                                    The Puppet Master


Cliff Burton: Bass
James Hetfield: Rythm Guitar/Vocals
Lars Ulrich: Drums
Kirk Hamett: Lead Guitar


Kill 'em All: 1983
Ride The Lightning: 1984
Master Of Puppets: 1986
...And Justice For All: 1988

(note: only 80's albums shown)

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