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Last update: June 1st 2009
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- I trade 1 DVD for 1 DVD (not 1 show for 1 show)
- Please use quality media (TDK, Verbatim, Sony, Fuji etc).
No Princo or silver top DVDs
- Donít write on disc labels
- Please burn discs with regular software (Nero, DVD Shrink, DVD X-copy, DVD Decrypter)
- Please keep me updated on the ongoing trade with me. In other words, let me know when you send and receive packages.
- Inform me if you are not able to send packages within reasonable timeframe
- Only use paper or plastic sleeves and post in a well protected padded package
- Be honest about the quality of your shows
- Do not offer me non-DVD formats (AVI, MPG etc)
- Do not contact me if you cannot accept both, PAL and NTSC
- I will not trade for incoming shows from peopleís lists.
I dont have time to make and send screenshots of the shows, please do not ask!!!!
You send first If we are trading for the first time and you contacted me first.
- I do not accept 2:1 trades
- I do not sell anything from my list
- Dont be difficult !!!
NOTE: Everything on my list (except official releases) is for trade, if you have NFT or RT shows on your list either dont contact me or be ready to make those tradeble. 
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