Hanuka StoryHanuka StoryHanuka Story

I know that the story below isn't exactly dealing with science fiction but this time I want to make an exception


In the seventh day of Hanuka a family of 7 people (mother, father,one boy and 4 girls) celebrated the holidays with their friends in the city of Dolev.

The child who was 12 years old asked his mother:"Mom, why do we light candles in Hanuka?"
And then the mother answered:"Because many years ago when the Temple was still standing in Jeruslem, the greeks ruled this land. Soon they started making new laws that were against our religion and later they got in to the Temple, destroyed and desacraded the altar and turned off the Lamp. Then a rebel army, led by Jodea the Macabist had fought against the greeks. One day they finaly freed Jerusalem and Jodea went into the Temple and fixed all the damages that the greeks did. He found a small can of oil and he decided to light the Lamp even if the can was so small that he wouldn't contain enough oil to light the Lamp for more then 1 day. But the oil turned up to be enough for 8 days, which was a miracle. And that's why we light candles in the Hanuka Lamp.
And the child asked once more:"And why do we eat the donuts in Hanuka?"
"These donuts are made with oil and we eat them to remember the miracle." The mother replied.
"And why do we sing Hanuka songs in Hanuka?" The kid asked.
"We sing about the glory of the Macabists who fought bravely against the Greeks."The mother said."We also thank god in our songs for giving us this miracle."
"Oh mom." Said the child."I can't wait to get home to light the candles in the Lamp and eat donuts and sing Hanuka songs."

And then that night on their way home in their car, a group of terrorists was waiting by the side of the road in the dark between the bushes...
The child was killed during the shotting and the mother died later in the OR. The 4 girls and the father were lightly injured.

That night no donuts were eaten at the Tzor residence, no songs were sang, no candles were lit... and no mircale happened.

In the memory of Ita Tzor (42) and her son Efraim Tzor (12) who were murdered on December 11th 1996 by terrorists.

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