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This site was born on Ø7AUG, 2ØØ4 at 155Ø hours. Bear with me if it's still on the light side, but it IS growing.

We Are currently under renovations. Please excuse our dust.


D.O.G.S.; Defenders Of GLOVALSKI Squadron
D.O.G.S.; Defenders Of GLOVALSKI Squadron
Henry J. GLOVALSKI Militia
H.J.G.M.; Henry J. GLOVALSKI Militia

The REF, c. 25ØØ.
The REF's 14TH Fleet was carefully chosen as the model of REF capabilities everywhere.

Get the lowdown on the United Galaxies Council.

UGC Agencies.
The UGC is truly a “System of Systems”; See them here. (Page currently under repair.)

The first enemy; Atorian Malcontents

Tśentrædi Malcontents
Tśentrædi Malcontents are ubra-violence personified, but they aren't slavers; Just raider and murders. (Even at that, not all are anything; There are more factions than there are groups.)

¡The UGC- A galaxy of ADVENTURE!
A basic campgain starter kit for the do-it-yourselfer GM.

The UGC is litterally LOADED with legends, stories, myths, fairy tales, tall tales, and outright lies. Enjoy.

The Ultra- secretive Tiresian Malcontent;
The ultra-secretive Tiresian Malcontents TRUE motives, numbers, and even technologies can never be fully known.

UGC Weapons, Power Armors, and Tanks
The need for infantry body armor, weapons, and for tanks, remains as strong as ever. Includes power armor.

UGC Aero-Space Defenses
A collection of the varios UGC Air, Aero-Space, and Space defense platforms. All non-transformable aero-spacecraft OTHER than ships and shuttles are located here. Due to the rapidly increasing size of the page, I've re-split it into it's component sections, then move the whole thing to a new site (too much down time due to the size- Geofucks suck).

UGC Destroids.
Veritechs take the glory, but DESTROIDS take the territory.

UGC Mecha Accessories.
Accessories available for UGC Mecha.

Lackland Aero-Space Station
Blackland- Oops, we mean LACKLAND, Aero-Space Station is where the UGC stores all top secret, experimental, and otherwise “sensitive” data. Click Here for a peek inside.

Ships Of The UGC.
Civilian Starships (Cargo, Tankers, warhouse drogues, etc), Militry Warships (Carriers, Battleships, Patrol Cutters, etc), REF Auxiliary Vessels (Troop, Repair, Salvage, Hospital), and Landships (the new Ships of the Land program.
Note: The Einstein- and Three Star- Class are both Military and Civilian; The Galactica-Class are Stellar Cartography Agency vessels, which is part of the RDF Spaceway Patrol And Enforcement Services (the “Coast Guard” of the UGC), and are therefore military doing civilian duties.
This page undergoing renovations, IAW our announcement (above).
Players should feel free to tinker with stats (part of the reason I prefer .doc pages, but we cant have it all, I guess).

Veritech Weapons Training School.
Despite the petty and destructive purposes of one person, the Veritech Weapons Training School program WILL continue on, if in a far more limited form. Please bear with me as I ramp-up the program.

¿Moddies are BAAAAAAAAAD, mhkay?
“Moddies” refer to field-modified Mecha and vehicles that saw either limited or no active military service, ussually by and for black marketeers. While this cataloge is far from complete, a wide variety of threats you MAY face are included here.

Andering Reddson; A Tśentrædi's Story.
The true story of a Humanized Tśentrædi.

Fantoma- Home World of the Tśentrædi
Fanoma is THE home world of the Tśentraædi, both physically and spirtually. Explore it a little here.

Knæck; A Doggies Story.
When you play God, sometimes you get what you ask for.

The UGC-Atorian War
A historical perspective by one who was there.

The Brotherhood Of Steel
The Earth was in Chaos; Then the Army's deserters stepped forward to take control.

The Invid
The Invid were never “truly” evil- The Robotech Elders (and their Masters lackeys) made them that way. Now, they are HIGHLY valued members of the UGC.

The Invidia and their Invidista Allies.
Not “all” Invid are so HIGHLY valued as members of the UGC- Or even by the Invid themselves. The Invidia are the Invid's own malcontnets- ¡Rebels who have turned against not only the UGC and the REF, but even killing fellow Invid! Along side them are Humans, Tśentrædi, Paraxians, and etc., the “Invidista”.

Lt Col Andering REDDSON'S Essays
As the site re-centralizes, thios page will undergo some of the more dramatic changes. However, it is pretty impressive. Have a look. The Chronicle of the 27TH Fleet.
¡My first official foray into the anti-official! ¡HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE!

Blank Agencies Worksheets. (¡NEW!)
Making life, just a little bit easier- One stupid form at a time

Please also see Andering Reddson's Rifts Earth site, The California Free Republic.

¡¡Sign the Guestbook‼
let me know who you are, where you're from what you think, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY what's wrong (not working, etc.).

Andy's Disc Boards.
¿Got a comment on displayed material? ¿Think this that or the other thing SUCKS? ¿Think YOU can do better? ¡Well step up sucka, ledder rip ledder rip! ¡Sound off on the disc board and if I like it, I'll use it! (With proper credit, of course.) Html knowledge NOT necessary, but it does help.

Andy's Links
Andy's links for THIS site only.

New Species Page
Unfortunately, I got called up by the Guard halfway through this project, so it's not finished yet. I really feel bad that I let you all down this way, 'cpecially since so many of you asked what the fuck a Fljyt is, I really hoped to have more done (and the genourous donations of the artisists makes me feel TWICE as bad about it all). If you want to use this material, great, please do. Just accept that I couldn't get it all done in time, sorry. :( Andy. Update: I will be getting this page fixed asap. Thanx for your pateince. Andy

Starships; A Primer. ¡NEW!
A basic essay on the construction and employment of real-world starships.

BY: ¡The ONE, the ONLY- L! D! MCFEAR!
A collection of currently 8 random item tables meant MOSTLY for RIFTS: Earth.

Site Needs. Hey, why turn down an oppoortunity. (No, it wasn't a quaetion.

Jokes Collected by Andy
Just for fun.:)

Fortunate chores-

The YUNES- An apology is in order.

Andy’s Awards
My various awards. I’m better than you- Get over it. I am.


YOU need to read this:
The actual deadline for filing a Case In Chief for the defense may be extended; Requests to do so will be accept for ONE MONTH ONLY, closing on 25 SEPTEMBER 2007.
I recommend you get started; You’ve already burned a few seconds wasting ime reading this. Remember- No dodging, NO LIES (please, lie to me again, just so I can convict).
It’s LEONARD on trial this time. I’m gunning for you DOLL Brownshirts next, so you might as well get started now.
BCC’S have been sent to several additional address. Therefore, do not pretend to have not read it. I have been OVERLY generous to you Strumtroopen, and ignoring it for a year, then pretending you knew nothing about it IS a guilty in full plea.

LT Col Andering "Andy" REDDSON, RDF/REF/BOS

The Robotech NAZI Party; The Quick Facts page.

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