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SPECIAL NOTE: The long-time host of my mp3 web site,, has shut down. Thanks to Joe Waters of the PSR Tutorial web site, itmost, but not all, of my mp3 files are once again online. At this point, I don't believe lyrics are available at the PSR site, but they still are available by clicking on the song title on this page.

To link to one of my songs, click on the title below. If the song has lyrics, you will be linked to a page that displays the lyrics, and you will be able to listen to the music by clicking on the appropriate link on that page.  You can return to this page by clicking on a return link or using the "back" button on your browser.

If you're not sure your browser can play MIDI files, check out this link for further information. Also, remember that the quality of the sound you hear will depend a great deal on the sound card in your computer or any tone generator or MIDI keyboard through which you play it. (It also may vary depending on the application you use to play the song and the balance setting you're using.) The MIDI file includes only the music, not singing, but where there are lyrics, I've written them out for you.

Please note that I may post revisions or new arrangements for some of these songs in the future.  When that occurs, I will try to include a note indicating the date of the revision.

If you would like to download one of my song files, hold down the shift key while clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate song link. Just remember, all of these songs are copyrighted. You have my permission to play or use the songs for noncommercial purposes (with appropriate attribution).  However, the songs may not be altered or used for commercial purposes without my written permission, and you must include my copyright notice.

Please note: There have been some problems with playback of certain MIDI files, including mine, on certain keyboards.  If you try to play one of my MIDI song files and find that it sounds more like a hodgepodge of unrelated sounds than like music, please take a moment to let me know.  Please include the name of the song file and the equipment (computer, sound card, tone generator, keyboard, etc.) on which you tried to play it.  If possible, also include a brief description of what you heard.  This may help me figure out a way to resolve the problem.   Thank you for your assistance.


REAL AUDIO FORMAT: Since the sound you hear when you play my MIDI songs depends so much on your computer's sound card and synthesis software, I have been looking for a way that will allow you to hear the instrument voices that I used in composing these pieces.  Until recently, using the .MP3 file format was impractical for me.  So I decided to post Real Audio versions of at least a few of my songs.  Depending on your Internet connection speed, these files will take longer to download to your computer than MIDI files, and if there are network connection problems, the playback may not be smooth or clear.  You may want to download the file to your own computer and then play it offline using Real Player.  If you don't have Real Player, you can download a free, basic version from  Click on the following link to go directly to the Real Player download site: Download Real Player Basic.

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To hear near-CD-quality versions of some of my music, please visit my MP3 web site at
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[Songs below that are marked with an asterisk (*) are available in .mp3 format at the URL above.  Additional songs not available in MIDI or Real Audio format also may be available at that site.  Check my MP3 site periodically for new music.]

NOTE: Going to the URL above will take you out out of LRM's Place. You may be able to return using the "back" button on your browser.  You also can bookmark this site.

LATEST UPLOAD TO MY MP3 SITE:   "Justice for All" with Voice-Over spoken lyrics New item.

Justice for All *
Copyright 1996 by Laura Remson Mitchell
My song for the disability rights movement. (NOTE: The original arrangement of Justice for All is the first song I tried to record using my electronic keyboard and MIDI software.  At the time, I knew very little about how MIDI worked and just wanted to get the basics down.  I revised the arrangement and balance a bit on July 14, 1998, to sound better with the sound card in my new computer, which I understand is the standard one sold with most computers these days.)  I  later  added a third arrangement of this song that's in more of a folk-song style. (Uploaded Feb. 18, 2001.)   Also, a chord chart in Microsoft Word format  is now available for downloading.  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site. The MP3 version of Justice for All uses the third arrangement.)
As Heaven Weeps *
Copyright 2001 by Laura Remson Mitchell
This is my remembrance of and tribute to the victims and heroes of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States.  Initially, I made it available  in Real Audio and .mp3 formats only (not in MIDI format)  because some of the sounds I used from my keyboard aren't reproducible on most computers' sound cards.  However, since this is such a long piece, several people have asked me to make it available in the smaller MIDI fomat as well.  For those who have access to a good sound module or who can put the MIDI file on a floppy disk, CD or other medium and play it back through a MIDI keyboard, this will give a full sense of the music I intended as well. This is my first venture into what some might call "serious" music.  I've been told that since it paints a musical picture of what happened, it can be considered a "tone poem."  So here it is — all 13 minutes of it.
Crystal Citadel *  
Copyright 2003 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded May 7, 2003)
This song was inspired by a poem written by my friend Cara Rosenberg Alson.  I repeated the first two or three words of the last line of Stanzas 2, 5 and 7, and I added a chorus, but the moving words are Cara's.  (To see the poem in its original form, go to  Composing this piece was an interesting challenge, since the poem uses neither rhyme nor a consistent meter.  I hope you find the music as moving as I found the words.  As with many of my other songs, the MIDI version may not reflect what I intended, especially if you aren't using a good tone generator.  To hear the song as it plays back on my PSR 740 keyboard, listen to the MP3 version.  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Diversity Prayer *
Copyright 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Dec. 5, 2000)
(Real Audio version uploaded Nov. 15, 2001.)
Based on a Hebrew prayer for diversity.  I couldn't get the idea of it out of my head after learning of this prayer's existence.  I suspect that the prayer really is referring to the diversity of nature, but I think it applies equally well to diversity within the human species, and that's how I choose to interpret it.  This piece is in three parts: A transliteration of the Hebrew prayer, additional lyrics that offer my take on the meaning of the prayer, and an English translation of the Hebrew.  Like most of these songs, this will sound best when played through a good tone generator, synthesizer or sound card.  (It was orchestrated using a Yamaha PSR 740 portable keyboard.)
If you don't have a good sound card or tone generator, you can get a better idea of what this is supposed to sound like by by listening to the Real Audio version or going to my MP3 site to hear or download the .mp3 version.  Both the Real Audio and MIDI versions of the music as well as the lyrics can be accessed by clicking on the song title at the beginning of this section.
(MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Experiment in Blue
Copyright 1996 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Jan. 16, 1999)
This isn't exactly a song.  It's really just me improvising to the blues auto-accompaniment on my electronic keyboard.  But although it could benefit from some editing, I kind of liked the sound, and I thought some other people might enjoy it, too.

Freedom Land *
Copyright 1964, 2001 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Jan. 23, 2001)
This is a sequenced version of a song I wrote for acoustical nylon guitar in the 1960s.  It was inspired by the civil rights movement and, in particular, by a human relations workshop for high school students called Anytown USA. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Getaway *
Copyright 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded July 4, 2000)
I started working on this song one day when I was feeling burned out on policy and disability rights projects.  I turned to music to "get away" from the stress, and it helped.  Hence the name of the piece. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Grade Boo Meevies *  
Copyright 2003 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Novl. 27, 2003)
The title of this piece is a spoonerism based on the old "Grade B movies" I used to watch on television when I was a child. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Haunted Carousel  *
Copyright 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Sept. 3, 2000)
I wrote this piece a few years ago, working with a standard piano.  As I played it in 3/4 (waltz) time, I kept thinking of a carousel, while the minor chords created a kind of eerie feeling.  That's why I called the song "Haunted Carousel."   In the version posted here (I've fooled around with several other arrangements, including a rock boogie version in 4/4 time), you may not get quite as much of a carousel feeling, because I have added other voices and effects, but I hope you will find it interesting — and haunting.  (Note: This was my first effort using my Yamaha PSR 740 keyboard and Cakewalk Pro Audio software.)  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Jingle Rock-Shuffle *
Copyright 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(Uploaded Dec. 5, 2000)
My variation on a traditional holiday classic.  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Kickin' It Up
Copyright 2002 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded May 7, 2003)
The best way I can categorize this one is "country rock," though that's probably not really a very accurate description. Listen, and decide for yourself. I used several types of guitars, pitch bends, a rocker organ and plenty of percussion in this song.  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Lazy Daze (original version)  *
[Lazy Daze (arranged by Simon Williams)]
Copyright 2001 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(Uploaded May 6, 2001)
This song was inspired by one of the wonderful styles created by Simon Williams for use with the Yamaha PSR 740 electronic keyboard.  After listening to my original version (which you can hear by clicking on the "original version" link above), Simon asked if he could make some modifications.  And what wonderful modifications they are!  Simon re-recorded the strings part and added some other very nice touches, while leaving the melody and chords unchanged.  Simon has very kindly given me permission to post his version here.  Note: Unfortunately, neither version sounds very good using a standard computer sound card.  Both versions were orchestrated for the PSR 740 keyboard.  For those who have good sound cards or tone generators, I think you will be able to  enjoy the MIDI versions. (MP3 version of original arrangement  now available at my MP3 site.)

Lectronata *
Copyright 1999 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Aug. 2, 1999; rev. 8-7-99)
This is an experimental effort at playing around with a theme.  I composed the piece entirely at the computer (i.e., using sequencer software but without any playable musical instrument, even a MIDI keyboard). (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

London Bridge Piano Variations
Copyright 2005 by Laura Remson Mitchell(uploaded July 27, 2005)
This piece consists of piano variations on the children's song "London Bridge Is Falling Down." I have been working on London Bridge variations for several years as a way of learning how to make melodies more interesting. This is my first piece using the techniques I have learned into a single piece of music. I hope to create more selections based on London Bridge variations in the future. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Mood Music
Copyright 2002 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(Uploaded Jan. 28, 2002)
This song evolved from my playing around with ninth chords using a lovely piano ballad style on my PSR 740 arranger keyboard.  After recording the basic melody and chords, I changed a couple of instrument voices and added a flute track for harmony and flavor.  You may or may not get the full sound of the different voices by playing the MIDI file through your computer sound card, but you can listen to  it in the .mp3 version at my MP3 web page.  (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)
Motive Fantasy  *
Copyright 2001 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded Oct. 23, 2001)
(Real Audio version uploaded Nov. 15, 2001)
This piece was written and orchestrated using my PSR 740 arranger keyboard and may not sound as interesting when played back through a standard computer sound card.  However, I tried to check for any major problems before uploading this file.  It is another attempt to use variations on a theme. I hope you find it interesting. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

On the Road *
Copyright 2004 by Laura Remson Mitchell  
(uploaded July 18, 2004)
This song starts out with a jazzy chord that just appealed to me and adds a melody using a blues scale.  While I was working on the song, I tried several different approaches, but the song kept pulling me back to the structure you can hear in the final result. This sounds best if played through a Yamaha PSR 740 or compatible MIDI keyboard or tone module, but even if you have to listen via a standard computer sound card,  at least you can get an idea of what I had in mind. To hear more closely how the song sounds on my 740, check out the MP3 version available at my MP3 site.

Seven-of-Eight Suite  *  
A collection of seven short (1-2 minutes each) pieces written in 7/8 time. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Step to My Blues *
Copyright 1996 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(Corrected version uploaded Jan. 31, 2002 by Laura Remson Mitchell
My first modest effort at writing a bluesy little tune. (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Someone  *
Copyright 1998, 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded July 21, 1998)
A kind of old-fashioned love song, in two arrangements, including one in the romantic jazz ballad style of the 1940s. For those who might be interested in trying to sing along with the jazz version, I created a third arrangement (available only at my MP3 web site) which uses a choir voice to indicate where how I intend the lyrics to fit in with the jazz arrangement.  You still won't hear anybody singing the words, but you should be able to follow along. (MP3 versions of the jazz ballad version with the melody overlay are available at my MP3 site.)  
Still At It   *
Copyright 2003 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded June 11, 2003)
This song uses several types of guitar, a rocker organ and a little bit of sax along with a lot of percussion. It's one of many songs that I don't know how to categorize. The MIDI version should sound fine if played on a Yamaha keyboard, and maybe on other arranger keyboards or tone modules as well.  But for those who are listening on a computer that has just a basic sound card, you won't get the true flavor of the piece.  Check my MP3 web site to hear the music as I intended it.
Trav'lin' *
Copyright 1964, 2000 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded July 18, 2000)I
Some of my long-time friends may remember this one,  a guitar instrumental  I wrote  sometime around 1964 or 1965.  Until now, it hasn't been recorded either in sound or in musical notation.  At some point, I may try to add some orchestration, but for now, this is just basic folk guitar plus an added percussion track.   (MP3 version available at my MP3 site.)

Thinking of You
Copyright 2001 by Laura Remson Mitchell.
(uploaded Oct. 23, 2001; revised version uploaded Jan. 31, 2002 by Laura Remson Mitchell)
This piece makes use of the "Cool Night" style in my PSR 740 keyboard, though it was at first inspired by an original style created for the 740 by Simon Williams.  Again, it was orchestrated originally for the keyboard. Your computer sound card may not give you access to all of the instrument voices used in the piece, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

True Blue
Copyright 1998 by Laura Remson Mitchell
(uploaded May 5, 2004)
Another of my blues efforts. This replaces "True Blue Shuffle," which I recorded using a shuffle style from my MIDI keyboard. This version (which uses my own variation on a piano style) is really the way I wanted True Blue to sound in the first place. True Blue also is available at my MP3 web site.  

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