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Welcome to LRM'S PLACE, the personal web site of yours truly, Laura Remson Mitchell.

For more than 30 years, I worked as a public policy analyst, consultant and writer, primarily in the areas of economic, health-care and disability issues.   (For more on my background, you can read my online BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH or check out my listing in the Who's Who in the West or Who's Who Among American Women.)

Although this site deals primarily with public policy, it also includes other areas that interest me. The site was intended to be an ongoing project, but I haven't been updating much recently. For example, many of the links on the Links pages probably are outdated, and I haven't been tracking legislation. However, I hope to add some new items to this website in the future. Meanwhile, I believe some of the articles and papers at this website continue to be relevant to current public policy discussions, and I hope they will be considered in developing, analyzing, and implementing proposals to address health-care and disability issues.

As anyone who knows me could tell you, I've never been shy about expressing my opinions. So, of course, I have posted some of those opinions here.   Please remember that unless otherwise indicated, these opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect the views of any group or organization with which I have worked or currently may be working.

I also like to play and write music.  For several years, I've worked with MIDI music. So I've included links to some of my songs, including one I wrote as a theme for the disability rights movement. The disability rights song is named Justice for All, after a national network of disability rights advocates associated with Medal of Freedom winner Justin Dart, Jr., which is now part of the American Association of Persons with Disabilities (AAPD).

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Table of Contents

This site is designed so that you can check out whichever section or sections you may like. Just click on what interests you. And check back periodically for new items and features. 
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Analyses and Opinions

To link to my analyses, commentaries and recommendations on disability, health-care or other issues, click on the subject that interests you.
Checkmark Remember:   Unless otherwise indicated, opinions expressed at this web site are my own and do not necessarily express the views of any organization with which I have been or currently am associated.

Disability-Sensitive Health Care
A summary of key health-care reform issues of importance to people with disabilities.  The text is from a flyer I developed as part of the Southern California Campaign for Health-Care Reform.
Public Policy Implications of Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide
A different way of looking at this controversial issue. Includes relevant links.
[Link to American Medical News editorial, When pain trails other concerns ... , added to this page 5-6-01]
[Direct link to Red Flag on the Slippery Slope, my Los Angeles Times commentary on this subject.] 
Also see California Action Alert and Assisted suicide a threat to health-care syste, my May 25, 2006, Capitol Weekly commentary.
Mutual-Risk Point-of-Service Option: A Conceptual Outline
For health care policy wonks.   This describes a possible approach to reforming managed care.

Managed Care: Dangers for Persons with Disabilities
A paper I wrote on managed care and people with disabilities for the California chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Mitchell testimony on managed care
My written testimony to the California Managed Health Care Improvement Task Force.

Mitchell recommendations to task force.
Specific recommendations that I submitted to the California task force on managed care.

Mitchell observations on Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
My outline of questions and concerns about MSAs and their potential impact on people with disabilities—especially low- to moderate-income people with disabilities.

Mitchell Comments on Proposed Medi-Cal Regulation R-5-99E
My comments on proposed regulations for California's Medicaid program regarding coverage for durable medical equipment.  The comments were submitted on July 28, 2000.   Note: The Sept. 25, 2000, version of Medi-Cal Regulation R-5-99E  (which was revised following the comment period) specified that the Medi-Cal definition of "durable medical equipment" includes equipment needed because of a functional impairment and that it includes equipment appropriate for use outside of the patient's home as well as inside. This is a very significant change for the better.

Disability Rights and Medicare Wrongs
Mitchell remarks to HICAP managers and staff regarding Medicare failure to meet the needs of people with disabilities, especially non-elderly beneficiaries.  Includes discussion of Medicare standards for coverage of wheelchairs, scooters and other durable medical equipment. [Added Aug. 25, 2000]

Mitchell Comments on Disability, Health Care and Independent Living
My written comments to the California Assembly Committee on Human Services in response to a March 14, 2001, videoconference/hearing on "Supports for Californians with Disabilities: Enhancing Independence." This hearing was conducted in Sacramento with video links to several sites around the staate.  Many individuals with disabilities were able to participate in the hearing via the "satellite" sites. [Added March 28, 2001]
Evidence-Based Medicine, Cost-Effectiveness and Medi-Cal Redesign: Concerns  (Microsoft Word format) [Added May 5, 2004
My comments on behalf of the California Disability Alliance and the California Work Group on Work Incentives and Health Care regarding California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's effort to "redesign" Medi-Cal, California's version of Medicaid. Redesign was an effort to effect a major overhaul of Medi-Cal in response to California's budget crisis. The issues addressed in my comments don't sound much like the kind of nitty-gritty, day-to-day things that worry many Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Those concerns have been raised elsewhere in the process. But the concepts of "evidence-based medicine" and "cost effectiveness" can have a big influence on access to appropriate health care. If done right, applying these concepts can improve care. If done wrong, they can undermine it. 
[Html version of this file added June 12, 2006. Note: the html version has been slightly modified in recognition of the fact that the comments apply to Medicaid in all states, not just in California.]   
Assisted suicide a threat to health-care system
My Capitol Weekly commentary on assisted suicide, published May 25, 2006. This is available in both .pdf and html formats. [Added June 12, 2006]
Mitchell Articles in California Journal, 1977-81  
Ron Unz has put together a website to serve as a resource for historians and researchers. I am pleased that he has included the articles I wrote for the California Journal between May 1977 and February 1981. Subjects include California's business climate, rent control, assessment practices in the wake of Prop. 13, the politics of busing and the San Fernando Valley, and some insights into the nature of economic forecasting, which often plays an important role in developing budgets. The articles apparently were scanned to pdf files; so you will need Adobe Reader to read them. You can download this software for free from the Adobe website.

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All original material posted at this web site is Copyright 1998-2013
 by Laura Remson Mitchell.


Last revision: March 19, 2013.

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