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In Jewish history, Jesus was not the only one who claimed to be the Messiah. Several Messiah cheats made that claim, played tricks, had followers and believers. All of those Messiah cheats were stoned to death or hanged. All of them were persecuted and humiliated just like Jesus was... They suffered too just like Jesus did... Did they bare the sins of humanity?... Why not?


Jesus failed to prove himself as a mere prophet: He faked his miracles. This website is intended to educate Christians about the fake miracles of their god.

The Messiah

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The Messiah


There is no such thing as a suffering Messiah in Judaism beliefs. Even Paul himself admits that this was not revealed in the Tenach (Old Testament): 


(Eph 3:4) When you read this you can understand my insight into the mystery of Christ, 5 which was not made known to human beings in other generations as it has now been revealed to his holy apostles and prophets by the spirit…


Paul himself admits that this is not revealed in the Tenach (Old Testament) and admits that it is a newly revealed MYSTERY. A suffering Messiah is a Christian claim (see: Suffering Servant Isaiah 53 is nation of Israel, not the Messiah as Christians claim). But Christians twist the Tenach to prove something out of nothing, just like they accuse us of doing with their 'New Testament' (but we do it better).

What did the Tenach say about the Messiah?


(Habakkuk 3:13) You come forth to save your people, to save your anointed one. You crush the heads of the wicked, you lay bare their bases at the neck…


According to this prophecy, God WILL save his anointed one. God should have saved Jesus if Jesus was the anointed one. Logic says that if Jesus was the Messiah, God should have saved him. Instead Jesus died the most humiliating death. Jesus even died before the other two criminals who were crucified with him (according to 'John'), which makes him an even weaker mortal.


(Ps 91:1) You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, 2 say to the Lord, “My refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust.” 3 God will rescue you from the fowler’s snare, from the destroying plague… 11 For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways. 12 With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone…


God commands his angels to protect his Messiah. Surely this didn’t happen to Jesus, because Jesus was not the Messiah!




Our Website


This website is intended to educate Christians about the fake miracles of their god.


The Sanhedrin (the highest Jewish court) found Jesus guilty of doing fake miracles (documented in the Talmud)... Christians claim that the Jews brought forward false witnesses to the Sanhedrin to testify against him... Since Christians do not believe the Talmud, we are taking the only evidence that they believe in, the New Testament. We are not saying that the gospels are not genuine, on the contrary, we are saying that they are competent and satisfactory evidence. Christians believe that the gospels are genuine from the original authors. We do not have a problem with this. 'Luke' does not claim to be a direct eyewitness to the miracles but collecting oral traditions; he says so. Maybe this is why we cannot find the required level of details in his gospel. 'John' contains explicit details that we can really examine. Christians believe that he is a direct eyewitness and recorded specific details; we do not have a problem with that. We look into his details to find our answers. We are looking into this evidence to determine if they were real miracles or just hoaxes like those performed by many who claimed to be the Messiah.


We believe that the gospels did not have a divine origin, that is, they were not dictated by God. We believe that the authors documented the circulating oral traditions into gospels. 'Luke' even declares that this is what he did and that he was not a direct eyewitness. However the gospel 'John' seems to include the details of an eyewitness and not just collecting circulating oral traditions. We are not challenging the authorship nor the dating of the composition because no one has presented any solid material or evidence for us to examine.


Now we have the New Testament. If we need to investigate what really happened we should look into what a direct eyewitness wrote. 'John' seems to be a good direct eyewitness account for us to examine (or at least this is what Christians claim and build their faith on). What he reported into a gospel reveals that people were tricked into believing that those were genuine miracles, resurrection… The disciples and the Jews were tricked into believing that Jesus was the Messiah. They really believed what they saw and lived by it. They were even ready to die for their belief. We are not challenging their belief at all, nor accusing them of lying. We are just proving to them that what the disciples and the people saw (and then later Christians believed without seeing) were not miracles at all. They were tricks that could be done again today by any con man with the help of only a single smart associate (or a beloved smart disciple).


How could we accept Jesus as a genuine prophet (let alone a god) and we can show you how he performed hoaxes and acts of intelligence? Even his resurrection was staged and we can easily show you how. We believe that they were hoaxes. Atheists believe that the ‘miracles’ were rumors... Moslems, however, believe that Jesus was the Israelite Messiah and performed real miracles indeed but the gospels were fabricated to implicate him. In the end, we all agree that what’s portrayed in the gospels are hoaxes. If Christians want us and the rest of the religions to believe in their ‘Christ’, then why don’t they simply prove us wrong that those couldn’t have been hoaxes?


You are welcomed to refute the ‘Fake Miracles’ section and prove us wrong. We are ready to provide a link to your webpage or even host your rebuttal on our own website. By this not only you will end a 2000-year old dilemma, but also you will surely become an All-Time-Saint.


Looking forward to share your thoughts.





(All verses are from the New American Bible. Extra links are provided to other sources)


Please link to www.geocities.com/logic_faith/ and if possible like this: Miracles of Jesus

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