Leo Club of Bangalore WestLeo Club of Bangalore West

Leo Club of Bangalore West
LEO CLUB Bangalore West is a youth organisation of Lions Club Bangalore West,which in its own existence where young energetic people seeks to serve with special emphasis and focus on children & needy people.

Leo Club Bangalore West was inaugurated on 24th Feb 2010. Charter President of Leo Club Bangalore West is Leo Rajesh K


What are Leo clubs
Leo clubs are an official activity of LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL that encourages young men and women to serve others in their community and around the world.

LEO CLUB are sponsored by local LIONS CLUB. The LIONS CLUB BANGALORE WEST sponsors for our club.

LEO CLUB activities include regular meetings,service projects and social functions.

The LEO Motto-LEADERSHIP,EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY- Is fulfilled as members work together in response to the need of others.Participation in LEO activities and projects helps young people prepare for the future by developing leadership, organizational and social skills.Members experience increased self-esteem and personal growth as they meet challenges and accept responsibilities.

By volunteering their time and talents for the benefit of others,LEO'S learn firsthand the value and rewards of service.LEO CLUB involvement can start young men and women on a lifetime of helping others.


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