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Other Hermie Sites:

Beautyshells (food, shells and more! :D)
Hermit Crab Association
Crab Street Journal
Naturally Crabby
Epicurean Hermit
Crabby Talk
Ctryluv's Crabby Cove
Mrs Poffy Puff
All Things Crabby
A hermie's Place

Non-hermit crab sites:

Perfect Piggies Cavy forum
Guinea Pig World.
Read before getting a dog or puppy
Adopt - Don't buy from Pet stores
Adopt a cat!
Hermit Crab World - A reliable hermit crab care information site


Hermies in the news:
Help hermit crabs, guinea pigs, and a lot of other animals- Sign this petition- Click here ( link changed at 5-29-07)

Read this before getting your hermit crab!

Harp Seals need your help today!

You must have come here looking for hermit crab care information. Well, you've found a great place! If you like to chat or like to chat on hermit crab forums, you should go to our forum. We need members on it.

Hermit crabs need more care than people think. They are harder to take care of than pet stores lead you to think. You should do a lot of research on hermit crabs before you actually buy them. Don't forget to visit the recommended sites on the site menu. All of the sites on the site menu are HIGHLY recommended.

There are many options when it comes to crab care, like how much you bathe them, whether you use stress coat, etc. Well, we'll tell you the pros and cons about a lot of those. Just look at the menu.

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