Vids and MP3's
you know, in case you people want more stuff to make fun of Britney by!
Thanks to all the websights i got all these from, and alot of thanks to for letting me link to them... ok, so they don't know, but shhh... don't tell!
This is with real player, so you gotta have it to see these videos! Sorry! Oh, GOD NO! I just realized I sound like a TEENYBOPPER on the hyperlink part! SOB! I'd change it, but I'm just to Crazy...lazy. O, no, I did it again!
Oops! Click me again to see the Oops... I Did It Again, the video!!
You'd be "Crazy" not to watch the Crazy vid!!!
There are 3 vids in this one, its from the Asian versian of her CD I guess... the videos you can choose from are Born To Make You Happy, Crazy, and Oops... they're all live perfromances. If you pay attention, while "singing" crazy, the music stops, and yet, her lips still move! How ODD!!! It happens all the time throughout her performances
Omigosh, this sight is SOOO cool, you can kill (and to other cool and funny things to) Britney!!!!
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