Hey, welcome to the site dedicated to dissing the Queen of Queers, the Princess of Pedophiles herself, Miss Britney Spears. Please don't send me hatemail, ok? If you do, I'll put your name, email address, and what you said to me right on my front page, and all my fans will email you constantly with Britney hatemail. So don't send me letters dissing me, or my site. O, this is my first site, so it's not great. I'm always updating, so come back often!
I have a yahoo email account, and this is on geocities, which is a part of yahoo, so figure out my email address yourselves
feel free to send me your comments!
By, the way, see the picture of Britney floating a around? well, that image will follow you, for the rest of your life...ok, it will only follow your mouse around this page, but shhh... thats ok! Ugh... so...ugly...
Oh, and for those people who think that I am an awful preson and all that crap, notice that I keep my site (mostly) clean. I use minmal swearing, and there is NO nudity (Well, except all the skin which Britney shows...). Oh, also, there are some pictures of Britney that I think she looks beautiful in, so I have those under the "Pretty Pictures" part of my site.
Also, notice the change in my site's name. I'm cleaning it up more and more every day, so I am no longer using words such as "Porn" on my website. Oh, and by the way, please email maendabat@hotmail.com, since she gave me her email address, i figure she WANTS britney haters to email her!
Princess of Pop????
Yea, right.
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