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Alright, due to no response and no web book signing, I decided to close down my image galleries and focus on what I really love...writing fan fiction. I also am opening up a few spots for some fics that have been displaced by FanFiction.net closing its doors to many types of fanfiction, including Adult fiction. So if you got displaced..submit! I'm picky..but I can house a few..so let me know!..In the mean time however, please feel free to  talk to me about linking, I love to network! Arigato
- Lady Jade
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Fan Fictions R Us. Most Ficcys Are for Adults. If you are not of Age...thats why God made back buttons.
I stole this piccy from somewhere. I dont know where. And I'm sure I owe someone a kudo. If its yours, e-mail me and I'll give u credit and give you a link, for what its worth :) I needed a new piccy for the main . Desperately.
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This link belongs to the owner of this pic. Its blank. Don't bother clicking :)
This is a warning to those who do not regulate their children: DONT BLAME ME. I am providing ample warning. If your child/underage charge gets into something that you do not approve of, I am NOT legaly responsible. If you are that worried about it, sit down and surf with your child, take the time, make the time. They are special little people (and teenagers) that deserve your love, attention and guidance. This web page supports free thinking and the freedom of expression. Dont take that away from us. Respect yourself, your children, and everyones rights.
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