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Quarter Midget racing

Quarter Midget racing is motorsport racing for kids. A Quarter Midget is a small racecar designed for children to drive on little oval racetracks. In fact, it is a scaled-down version of a Midget-style racecar. It's only about 1/4 (one-fourth) the size of a Midget racecar, hence the term Quarter Midget. There are over 55 Quarter Midget clubs throughout North America, each with an oval racetrack that is about 1/4th the size that the full-scale Midgets run on. Quarter Midgets lap their 1/20th of a mile oval in about 6 or 7 seconds. This track could just about circle the perimeter of an average-sized home lot. Quarter Midgets can attain speeds of about 20 to 40 miles per hour which is about 1/4th the speed of a full-scale Midget.

Quarter Midgets feature full suspension systems and full roll cages. Seatbelts and shoulder harnesses are also mandatory because safety is a prime consideration in this sport. Power is ususally supplied by a 120cc engine with specifications closely set by the national governing body and enforced at each local club race by officials.

Quarter Midget racing provides competitive motorsports for children ages 5-16; however, the whole family is invited to get involved with dad as crew-chief and head-mechanic, mom working in the Tower scoring races and the snack bar. It is a great spectator sport since admission is free.

This is entry-level motorsport (auto) racing and no experience is necessary. Quarter Midget racing is the only form of auto racing where a child can start racing on the track at age 5. Auto racing is the fastest growing sport in America and Quarter Midgets of America is the best (and only), place to start at such a young age, however, the purpose of this organization is to create and maintain a clean, safe, healthy sport be enjoyed by the family and friends.

These young drivers grow and develop, as they move up through racing classes that are defined by engine-type, the driver's age and weight. Many life-long relationships are found by parents and children in Quarter Midget racing. It is sport that generates a family of racing families who love and promote their children.

Racing classes are divided by age, weight and motor type. When dividing by age, drivers are divided between those with experience and those who are new to the sport (beginners).


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