Important Miniature Schnauzer Facts
There are three types of schnauzers.  They are the miniature, standard, and giant.  The miniature schnauzer originated in Germany during the 1800s and was used as a source for catching rodents.  However, in the 1920s these lovable minis were introduced in the United States and since then they have become a very common and popular pet.  There are three colors recognized by the AKC, including the salt and pepper, black, and black and white.  However, there are also white, and party colored minis as well.
The miniature schnauzer will make himself comfortable in any home environment.  Whether it is a small apartment or a huge farm, miniature schnauzers are wonderful at adjusting.  The miniature schnauzer is also very affectionate and protective.  He will love his owner(s) and defend them whenever he feels it is necessary.  Aside from all of this, these minis are highly intelligent.  Forget about the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."  These canines remain as sharp as a tack throughout their entire lifetimes.  Simple tricks such as "sit, beg, and roll over" are a piece of cake to learn for them.
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