Phase 5 - Outer Hull
The filleted and taped seams have dried and now the canoe is ready for flipping over. The hockey sticks can come out because the seams are so hard they will hold the sides at the distance they need to be.
Side profile.
Another look but from a weird angle.
Ok the beginning of the outer hull. Before this I said things like "Easy" and "Piece of Cake".  At this point I said "My Back Hurts" and "Can Someone Else Do This Part?"

I draped the cloth over the hull, but there were wrinkles everywhere and I didn't know what to do so... I cut it. Then I wet out the hull with epoxy and laid the first cut piece of cloth on the hull. That is these two pictures.
Then I laid the other sheet on the hull and wet it out, too. This is the final result. Cloth everywhere and soaked with epoxy.
The weather is warming up and I will be sanding soon. I am open to suggestions about what to do with my electric motor. (Where to mount it. No funny suggestions!)

If you have built a cheap canoe tell me about it or send me a picture.


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