My Boatbuilding Experiences.

This is a documentary of my first boatbuilding experience, the Cheap Canoe. Upon completion and after a couple of sea trials my next project will be the 18' Kayleigh Power Sharpie Skiff. I also have an 8' sailboat (Thanks, Marg!) that is in need of some TLC as an ongoing project.

At the end of these projects I hope to have cheaply made yet reliable boats that I will power by wind, paddle, electric motor or my
1958 Johnson 7.5 HP outboard. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada surrounded by many large lakes and long rivers full of Northern Pike, Walleye, Trout, and Yellow Perch. I plan on using these boats to explore these waters and catch a lot of fish. Thanks for dropping in and I would enjoy hearing from you!

A cheap canoe built by Bill MacLaney. See more at his site.
Phase 1 Materials or lack thereof
14' Cheap Canoe Project
Phase 2 Cutting the Panels - Measure once...cut twice?
A cheap canoe built by Chris Johnson. See more at his site.
A cheap canoe built by Andy Barnhart.
Phase 3 Butt Blocks  - (Tee, hee!)
Phase 4 Fillets and other fishy things
Picture of a computer generated canoe from the website (this is where you can get the free plans for this canoe...)

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Phase 5 - A Hull is Born!
Phase 6 - Transom!
Phase 7 - A Deck to Swab
Phase 8 - Hatching a plan
This cheap canoe builder made a model first. Check out the site.. Lots of pictures!
Kim Morrison's beautiful cheap canoe
Other Cheap Canoes and Their Web Sites
Final Phase - Going Solar
Tom Cole's 25 hour Cheap Canoe (Beauty, Tom!)
This is Dick's Canoe. This is Dick's webpage.
Go, Dick! Go!
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