Kitty Mart's Homemade Catnip Toys
These homemade catnip cat toys will be a huge hit with your furry feline friends! Each one is carefully made with high quality catnip and is sure to send your kitties into a cosmic heaven!

Chose from a variety of fabric patterns: Standard (from kitty to whimsical to solid colors) or Holiday (themed to the current holiday season).

The toys also can be made Standard Strength or in Super Cosmic strength (not for the faint-at-kitty-heart!)
Pricing is as follows:

Standard strength- $2.50/each

Super Cosmic strength- $3.00/each (2 for $5.00)

Shipping and Handling

$1.50 per order.  FREE for orders of 10 or more!

Payment methods are Paypal or check or money orders.
To order, please click on the EMAIL button below and indicate which type of pattern you prefer (Standard or Holiday) and strength preference (Standard and Super Cosmic).

Please also indicate your payment method.  You will receive a confirmation email with your total owed and shipping date.
ORDER TODAY!! Your kitty will love you for it!
<---- Click here to order!
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