Andromeda is set three hundred years after the collapse of "The Commonwealth," a government that once spanned three galaxies and hundreds of different cultures. Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) stars as Captain Dylan Hunt, commanding officer of the starship Andromeda Ascendant which was disabled during the great civil war that destroyed the Commonwealth. Left floating near a black hole, its captain locked in a state of suspended animation, Andromeda and Captain Hunt were awakened after three centuries by a band of mercenaries hoping to salvage the drifting starship. In the end, Captain Hunt signs the mercenaries on as his own crew and sets forth hoping to restore peace to what is left of the Commonwealth.

The crew of ex-mercenaries includes First Officer Beka Valentine, once captain of her own vessel and possessed of sharp wit and striking beauty. She is in all ways the equal of her captain, Dylan Hunt, and though she believes Dylan's quest to save the Commonwealth is futile, she signs on anyway, hoping to somehow persuade him to turn his energies toward other pursuits.

Tyr Anasazi is a member of a sub-species of the human race that have genetically altered themselves to be the 'ultimate survivors.' The tall and powerful Tyr is a Nietzschean who believes in social Darwinism and survival of the fittest--his race were the primary reason behind the fall of the Commonwealth. He signs on with Dylan, carefully guarding his own secret agenda.

Rev Bem is an animal-like creature, a member of a carnivorous race called the Magog who use a potent paralyzing venom to subdue their victims, then use their bodies to incubate the Magog's eggs. A scientist, sociologist, linguist, and priest, Rev Bem is a gentle soul, despite his race's notorious reputation. He hopes to aid Dylan Hunt in his quest to re-unite the galaxies.

Seamus Harper is the cantankerous ship's engineer and all around fix-it man. The only crew member raised on Earth, Seamus spent most of his life hiding from Magog raiders and Nietzschean zealots. Seamus is particularly deficient in social graces.

Trance Gemini is a mysterious young female alien from an advanced civilization. As the ship's Life Support officer, she also serves as botanist, xenobiologist, medic, and occasionally spy and thief. She feels superior to the rest of the crew, but holds it her responsibility to look after them.

The ship Andromeda Ascendant itself is a sentient being, communicating to the crew through voice, holograms, and video images. Andromeda is intensely loyal to her master, Dylan Hunt.

Currently syndicated across the country, Andromeda will premiere this fall, in October, with the first of forty-four shows that are scheduled to be shown over the next two seasons.
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