HollyIlex's Fan Fiction: Discipline/Slash, multi-fandom (X-Files, Highlander, Sentinel, others). The Truth Series is a 

MUST read. Also her Look for America Series is wonderful as are all her stories. Great threesome (and foursome writer).

Lorelei's Fan Fiction: Discipline/Slash. Has both Sk/K and Sk/M/K stories. Her stories are full of love, angst and fun. 

Enjoy them.  

Ciejye's Fan Fiction: Discipline/Slash. X-Files and Bonanza fan fiction and an Original Characters series called 

Threads of the Tapestry that is  wonderful.

Gaby's X-Fan Fiction: Discipline/Slash. Various series including: In the Lioness Den (Sk/M/Sc), Independence 

(discipline only) and the brand new Sub-Urban Legends (Sk/M/K), as well as several stand-alones. You'll love her stories.

Lady Midath's Fan Fiction: A wonderful site featuring a variety of fandoms. Slash with some discipline. Has terrific S/M/K 

fiction (her Past series is great). Enjoy. 

The Persuader's Archive: Fan Fiction Archive focused on Spanking Stories from various fandoms, mainly X-Files. 

Terrific authors and wonderful stories...a MUST read.


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