John's Firehouse

This is the FIGHTING 4TH

Hi!!! My name is John and I am a Firefighter/EMT with the Lyndora, PA VFC-Station 4-The Fighting 4th. I work for OSS, Inc as a field supervisor. OSS, Inc. provides Industrial/Commercial uniformed security.

This is Truck 4.This is Engine 4.

This is Car 4.

This is Station 4.

The Lyndora Volunteer Fire Company proudly protects a primary response area of 5 square miles with a population of approximately 6000 people. We operate out of 1 station that protects an urban/suburban/industrial area. We are staffed by 100% volunteer firefighters.

The Lyndora V.F.C. serves Butler Township residents along with four other volunteer fire companies working together under mutual aid. LVFC is the only Truck Company in the Township. Butler Township is 25 square miles with approximately 17,000 residents.We also assist the Butler City Fire Department which is a seperate municipality of approx 20,000 residents inside our Township. Our apparatus fleet consists of a 2002 105' Smeal Quint(Truck4), 1979/94 100' ALF AerialChief(Truck4-2), 1999 Ford Crown Victoria (Squad/Car4). Butler Township has an I.S.O. Class Rating of 4. Butler Township is very well protected by the 5 Volunteer Fire Companies and all 5 Companies continue to evolve through Training and Commitment.

This is Station 4's old Logo.


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