In Loving Memory Of
a Special Baby
Brandon Santoro
8 April 1998

It was november 1997 and finally after 10 years of trying since the birth my second daughter Kelly the doctor said those magic words congratulations you are pregnant. My family was over the moon especially Kelly as she was pregnant too with her first baby we were excited about be pregnant together.  I was very excited but very nervous as well after 12 miscarriages I just counted every day that went by as a blessing,  when I got to 8 weeks I thought this was great, then 12 weeks I was excited, by time I was 18 weeks I thought there was no turning back now everything would just go full steam ahead I was thanking god I was past the danger times.

Then at 19 weeks I was woken at midnight with a feeling I really had to go to the bathroom but it was more than that I was bleeding so I went to the emergency dept and I was taken to labour ward where I was given an ultrasound and the doctor told he could see my baby's heart beat and everything was ok, then he said he could see what sex the baby was and asked me if I would like to know, i said yes and he told me I was having a boy that made it very exciting we allready have two daughters not that it mattered what sex..

I stayed in hospital for two days and then went home to rest. I went for my regular check up on the friday and the doctor told me he would like to do a pap smear, I was hesitant to have this done but he assured me it would do no harm to me or the baby so I agreed. Then on Saturday Kelly and I went out I told her as I was walking it felt like I was having contractions she did not know what they felt like yet,  they would come and go so I thought it was ok maybe a bit of pressure. Monday I went to work and on the way the pains seemed to be worse by the time I arrived at work they were very painfull I rang the hospital and they told me to come in for a check up I rang my husband and told him and went to the hospital they put me on the monitor and I was having strong contractions, so I was admitted for monitoring. The days went so slow but it did not matter as long as everything was ok.
Then on the morning of the 8 April 1998 I started having very strong pains so they gave me a pain injection then my doctor came around to tell me I had to go for an ultrasound, I went for the ultrasound at 12 midday and I could actually see my stomach contracting on the screen.

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