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This site is dedicated to my favourate show on TV. I warn you now I am a Sam and Jack shipper and the majority of things here will be SJ related. Please email me with any suggestions as to what you would like to see here and I will see what I can do.

Last updated 2nd October 2002.
COMING SOON! Partners In Love

Fan Fiction
These are all mine, so they are all SJ related.

 Getting To Know You
Ever wonder how the guys on Stargate would answer the GTKY questionaire? This is what the people of SAMANDJACK thought.

I've included some Stargate related voting booths and links to my favourate sites and The Jack and Sam Webring.

Music Videos
Here are the Sam and Jack music videos that I have made. Please note these are hosted by Angelfire.

My Other Obsessions
Yes, I'm a compulsive shipper. Here's the other fandoms I ship in.

My take on the episodes
These include a brief summery, what I thought of the ep, favourate lines/scenes, notable SJ shippiness and how the ep could have been made shippier.

Who's Standing in the Way?
Who's standing in the way of Sam and Jack achieving happily ever after?

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