"So What Is A Poet?"
   Words creatively thrown...
tossed  passionately,with emotional banterings,
around the room
  through the kaliedescopic moods
    inside his creative mind
    Skillful plays on cutesy  little rhymes as he finds the memorys the poet adds like music to illustrate a certain mood ...
   a special feeling; a certain  place and time...

Too many stanzas or crowded  phrases
  merely cluttering what he really wants to say
  a careful bonsai-ing  of the overlay, leaves a brief but easier story for him to colorfully  portray
  The hand of a poet...
verbal insights carefully written,    paints an image just as an artist's finely oiled brush....his pen  nestled; lightly caressed  in the fingers of  his
masterful, but loving hand.
  by Jerry Hawkins 2001
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