"Harry Chapin's chin"

   It reminded me a lot a lookin like Duddley Do-Right's chin

  I mean, I just now noticed this
while checkin... out a photo
... on  an old CD... the paper,
worn just a little bit  thin.

   It's from way back when,
        He was a one of a kind...
the grandest  story teller, a
fine  guitar with cello'd  music setting the  background for his tales
some fun, some happy, and those of a lover's wo's....

   Harry's special smile always had a way
of makin this ol dude finally give in and grin
as his storys with his music
he sat and masterfully told and sang...
...life, women and his best
friends, some young...
some old and those who never did a thing.

   A quiet  tour down an old college avenue
oh, and then the one about motel rooms, torn sheets and lover's he'd later discovered...
in a then empty room...a vacancy of sorts, and ....but of course the song; the tale
about a  gifted baritone ...

(who sang at local shows)

    I wonder if Old Harry's still listening ...kicked back,
somewhere quietly high up in the heaven's
sittin now between the brightest of the stars...to see if someone's still playin his dearly loved  songs
I know for one I find myself  still waitin for a mail order Annie to give in and finally come along...

Harry was a one of a kind, think I pointed that out just  once before
just wish that there were more musical ballads and story tellers to write those kind
of sweet and special songs.
Ya see, I was  a big fan of Harry's...guess,cause in my head, all my life...I've been a sinner.

Written by Jerry Hawkins of Tulsa
Remember when the music .....was a glow
on the horizon of every new born day...and we felt safe.....and  we could sing....
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