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Memorial To My Son Joseph (Joey) John Tyler Forester
Joey's First Birthday
May 17, 1981
Joey's Last Birthday Age 21
With 2 of his best friends
OP and his cousin Matthew
May 17, 2001
Joey was 21 years old. Born May 17, 1980
He was the loving son of Jackie McGill and Joseph Forester
Loving and caring father of Andrew Joseph Forester
He was the loving brother of Ashley, Maddison, Alexander Forester, Katie Williams, Stepbrother to Julie Morgan. Beloved cousin, dearest  friend of Beth Cingel, and many others who will never be the same.

On August 21, 2001, Joey could not take the darkness in his heart any more so he hung himself.  Taking with him the father of his child, the heart of his mother.
He is so missed by all.  If only he had been with Beth his best friend and soulmate.........

Dear Joey,
I know that if you had realized how many lives would end with yours you never would have taken your own life.
I now know the darkness of which you wrote. If you had know all the pain and sorrow, and guilt we are now all feeling you would still be here.
You always tried your best to please everyone around you and I know that we all failed you in some way. But I also know that you knew that I loved you more than my own life. You know you were my best friend, How I miss you my dear son. I miss the talking and the arguing we used to do in the meeting room. I am sorry that you thought my life was so bad that you didn't want to relive it. I wouldn't trade the time as your mother for the world. While I might have had some pretty bad things happen to me at one time or another, that you were always telling me you didn't want to repeat, I had you and all my other children so it really wasn't that bad. I wish you could have seen all the good things in my life. You, Katie, Ashley F., Matthew, Johnny, Cheryl, Ashley M., Tommy, Rob, Julie, Megan, Heather, Adam, Jesse, Clinton Joseph aka CJ.. Crystal, Breanna, Jacob, BJ, Cloey and all the children I have loved and tried my best to help and take care of.
Well be at peace with Grandma Tyler, I know how much you missed her and how much she loved you. Tell your God Mother Patty Ann McGovern hello for me, I miss her so much too. Oh and Doug Janek, whom I loved and is buried across from you. Grandpa Tyler Give him a big wet kiss, and Grandma Nagy who died a month before you. Tell her I am glad she is at peace and I love her. Oh, and one more thing, please watch over other people who feel the darkness that you felt so that NO OTHER PARENT, SIBLING, FRIEND has to go through what we are left to face.
Mom (aka: big momma, mommie dearest lol)
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Joey is your son
You love him Still
When times are tough
and packages break apart
We begin again and again,
to mend.
Remember my friend until we mend ourselves
the packages open again and again,
Grief is a life time
and those who do not feel the hurt and pain as we do
can NEVER understand this.
Coping becomes an everyday chore.
We live one day at a time
and deal what life places in our paths.
For the dealt hand we already played
can never be outdone.
Live each day as it comes
be gentle on yourself
Know that our son now cradles his mom
with his arems and love.
with each bird that sings,
each breeze that blows know that your son
places butterfly kisses on your cheeks.
I know how you feel
and know the pain all too well
though we may not meet here on earth
our children will introduce us in heaven.
HUGS my Friend.....Maggi
(I put this on the site, I recieved it from my friend and a wonderful lady who lost her daughter Sacia to suicide... Maggi is such a sweet lady she sends up balloons on hundreds of children of suicides angel dates and birthdays.
Thanks for all you Do Maggi. You are loved.
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An Angel gone home much to soon
Another Mother's Day
But different one this year
For you see, I am a mother
But my Child isn't here

I am a mother who is hurting
For this child who was so dear
As I face this and other occasions
Each and every year

I am a mother who feels an emptiness
Over and Over again
Because I miss THIS Child
And all that could've been

I am a mother who cared
As I watched my child grow
And truly loved him more
Than anyone will ever know

I am a mother who has memories
And many tears to cry
Over regrets that I'll have to live with
Unknown Author
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Thanks Terri
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