In 2006 the Curlies were

Rollin' On The River!
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All numbers represent dogs present (not dogs entered).

Conformation Judging was Friday the 13th

Yvonne worked all day getting the correct trophies to the judges for each class.  She secured both the trophy and logo designs       Barbie from Best In Stewards worked tirelessly to keep us running smoothly.  She was an indispensible aid to our foreign judge.

Puppy Sweeps
Judge Susan Riese
25 entries: 12-13

Sweeps Judge: Susan Riese admires a down and back.
Best in Sweeps, Gabby, Softmaple's Dark StarBOS, Mikey, Tumbleweed's Who'll Stop The Rain Puppy dogs, 18 to 24 months Puppy bitches, 6 to 9 months There's always one puppy that entertains the judge and the gallery. With her leash tugging and sideline dancing, this year's prize goes to Don & Annie, Dese's Little Miss Sure Shot.Family affair, Veteran BOS Coal, and daughter, Puppy Sweep winner, Gabby.

Veterans Sweeps
Judge Susan Riese
17 entries: 8-9

The oldest dog in the show stands to be judged, Sheila with Hunter, Seawind Addidas Dragonslayer, 14 3/4 years oldThe oldest Bitch in the show was Cola, Addidas Alpha Coca-Cola, 13 1/4 years oldBest in Vet. Sweeps, Mariah, Riverwatch Windwalker (photo from Breed competition) BOS, Coal, Dese's Black as Coal

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Judge Meghen Reise Bassel

Judge Meghen Riese Bassel explains the pattern to the first junior to show, Grace with Carmen, Sun Devil Rock the Casbah, Open Intermdiate Class Grace presents Carmen for examination Watching and waiting, Gillian and Dillon, Kurly Kreek Marshall Dillon Boyerie, compete and win the competition from the Open Senior Junior Class. Junior competitor, Alexandria, handling MacDuff, Shadowbrook's Thane of Fife,in Puppy Sweeps Junior competitor, Gillian, handling Rio, Kurly Kreek Blame it on Rio, in Puppy Sweeps

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Breed Judging
Judge Dr. Tiina Illuka
Entries: 13-17-24-16
Special classes 9-12
Stud/Brood Classes 5-5
Brace 4

Breeder, Judge: Dr. Tiina Illukka from Finland scrutinizes her entry.
Youngest entrant, Kathy with Rio, Kurly Kreek Blame it on Rio, 7 months old           Youngest handler, Grace with Gilligan, Ptarmigan Groovin, Never ask a lady's age. The entry was large and this group is waiting on the sideline while another group is judged.The Dogs and bitches were judged separately, in two groups each and reunited after cuts from all four groups.

Best of Breed, Tenor, Flairfor Spring Action Best of Opposite, Rigby, Daybreak Eleanor RigbyBOW-WD, Mikey, Tumbleweed's Who'll Stop The Rain, from 6-9 mo. puppy class Winners Bitch, Gypsy, Charmstar On The Road With Gypsy Rose JAM, Luke, Gladrags Phorce Be With You JAM, Java, Daybreak JavaJAM. Curlew, Riverwatch Southern Cross, he wasn't hindered by Mary's broken wristJAM, Luna, Ringlord Evenintide Luke & Kids, Levi and Dolce, in Stud Dog Class Java & Kids, Rigby and Mattie, in Brood Bitch Class

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Show Shots

Gallery on the pond bank, this beats bleachers and was a great spot for Videographer, Gary. Obedience Chair, Marian, relaxing and enjoying the show Shelly and Tenor, Flairfor Spring Action, working their way to the top! Airborne - Jen and Hannah, Mayhem's Hearsay Evidence, all 6 feet aloft! A good sport, Trudy gives encouragement to Pat and Finn,Fairway's Softmaple Finnheir. Marty, Solimar's Black to the Future, is exuberant with his Working Retriever Class win. Synchronized Stacking, Grace with Carmen and Susie with Summer, Summerwind's Delight of Kurly K Winners Dog CompetitionVeteran Dog ClassWorking Retriever Class Little Sisters, Michele with Dolce, Gladrags Dolce and Garbana, and Rita with Tsubi, Gladrags Tsubi, compete in 9 - 12 month bitch class Bred-By girls on the run Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches class placements Getting down to the final cuts

Camera Bugs and Happy Handlers

Alaska, Elizabeth's Skeeter, Jangio's Don't Bug Me Now from making his way around the ring. California, Penny's Mojo, Coventry Moire Jamdani Pennsylvania, Kelly's J.L., Jangio's John LennonCanada, Nancy & Roger's Tetley, Charwin Tea For Two Penny and Tulle, Coventry's Tulle of the Trade Kathie and Java Linda and Isaac, Sun Devil Take Me On Tom and Lucy, Kurly Kreek Lucy of SummerwindJennifer and GypsyMary Kay and Destiny, Riverwatch Destiny's Dream Can Shelly be giving Tenor a lecture?

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