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The center is a experimental project that came about after my travels to South India in the area of Pondichiery in Auroville .I was inspired to put in practice what I learned there.In the Center we want to develop and research and integrate in the area the use of alternative ways of living;from a zero budget agriculture to eco-building with local materials and setting alternative off grid systems.And an integral way of living in harmony in all levels of The Being.
We have been experimenting with the grow of chia and amaranth in this area where only the green amaranth or pig weed as usually is known (Quelite,bledo).This kind of wild amaranth produces a black seed that infest the land.Last year crop was lost due to frost and only 10% was saved from the chia plot and the amaranth plot.This year the chia was planted earlier and hope better yield.
Moringa was the other crop that was planted and two kilos of powder were harvested;this year the moringa plants are doing great.
Quinoa plot was not able to develop in the summer season and we have not give up in finding the right time for planting it.SEE photos and videos.
Water clustering system was installed this summer to develop the field effect into the land for new crops.The drip irrigation system is installed with the clustering unit and the solar panels to power the lights and water pump systems.Supplemental wind generators were installed to charge the battery bank during the wind flows in the evenings.
Eco construction of the rammed earth meditation center is going to start this summer.
Altenatives fuel systems hho,wood gas systems are already bluilded are going to be tested too.My cheroque Sport already has been working with brown gas for almost a year.
Healing seminars and hands on practice classes are being develop for weekends and speakers are going to be invited to collaborate in the different areas as the project develops and information is updated and translated to spanish.

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