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Updated 07/16/2001
In Loving Memory of Robbie
 Visit My Son's Web Site for Twin's 5th Birthday Pictures 9/22/99

Pictures of Twin's Fourth Birthday Party 09/22/98
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 Link to Second Twin's Birthday Pic 9/22/98
 Link to Third Twin's Birthday Party Picture 9/22/98

This Page Will Contain Family Images
This Page is dedicated to my Sons Michael and Robbie

Michael and Robbie
Young Michael and Robbie
Later Michael and Robbie

 My Son and His Family
Michael and Marianne, Lauren, Kristen, and Alex
Michael's Family in Texas

My Twin Granddaughters Lauren and Kristen
The New Sims Girls-Lauren and Kristen

Lauren, Kristen, and Alex
Lauren and Kristen, with Alex

My Grandaughters Lauren and Kristen after Birth

The Sims family in Texas, Mike, Marianne, Lauren, Kristen, Alex

Michael the Graduate
Michael-High School Graduation

My Son Robbie
Robert L. Sims (Robbie)
Robbie Sims - Born 1970
Robbie Sims
Robbie in motorized vehicle with Doggy

Michael, and Dad and Mom
Mother, Michael, and Dad
Indyrod's Father and Mother

Brother Jeff, Son Alan, and Uncle Rod
Jeff and Alan
Brothers Jeff and Rod

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