A Journey of Life
In the Beginning
The Art of Living
Emotions of the Heart
When I Grow Up
Golden Years
Beyond the Sky
Stand By Me
Growing On
Gathered over the past twenty years, these pages archive quotes, poems, thought and prayers that speak to the ever changing seasons of our lives. Hopefully they offer some inspiration and encouragement for excellence in your life. Enjoy!
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Quotes in this collection are sorted based on how they fit into our journey through life. The categories are summarized by....

In the Beginning... pregnancy, birth, babies, childhood
Growing On.... thoughts on teenagers and achieving independence
The Art of Living .... challenges, changes, dreams, living for the day
Stand by Me..... friendship
Emotions of the Heart... love, relationships and marriage
When I Grow Up... work, responsibilities, day to day life
Golden Years.... aging and retirement
Beyond the Sky... spiritual, loss and grief, angels 
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