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This site is devoted to my favorite TV show ever. I'm talking about American series Remington Steele
The series was constructed around female private investigator Laura Holt (played by Stephanie Zimbalist) and ex con-man turned into her imaginary boss (played by Pierce Brosnan). 
The very first episode (License to Steele) serves as an introduction of what the series will bring. Private investigator Laura Holt is the head of an agency, though it's not her name that appears on the door. Since she's a woman doing what's supposed to be *man's* work she decides to make up an imaginary male boss named after a typewriter and football team (Remington Steele) and put his name to the office. What she didn't predict was that HIM would eventually become a real person, but... Then a charming con-man/thief with five passports comes into her life as he tries to steal the gems she had been hired to protect. This mysterious man will eventually discover that there's no such man as Remington Steele and will seize the opportunity by adopting his identity instead of following the path of the gems to San Francisco. Even he declares in this episode that he enjoys impossible challenges--we are left to wonder whether he was referring to playing Remington Steele for a long while or to Laura, to whom he feels an obvious attraction since the beginning, although (or precisely because of that) she is the first woman he's ever met that is not willing to stumble into his bed right away. 


Technical Details.-

Produced by: MTM Enterprises Inc.
Creators: Robert Butler and Michael Gleason. 
Executive Producer: Michael Gleason
Music by: Henry Mancini, Richard Lewis Warren, Donald Nemitz


Main Characters

Stephanie Zimbalist Laura Holt
Pierce Brosnan Remington Steele

Other Characters

Maryedith Burrell

Frances Piper
Janet DeMay Bernice Foxe (1982-1983)
Beverly Garland Abigail Holt

Cassandra Harris

James Read Murphy Michaels (1982-1983)
Doris Roberts Mildred Krebs (1983-1987)
Jack Scalia Tony Roselli (1986-1987)
James Tolkan Norman Keyes
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Daniel Chalmers



(under construction)

Iím gonna post here transcriptions of the episodes as they were translated into Spanish. The reason of doing it is that I've found many mistranslations in the Spanish version of the series, which provoked the lack of sense in some dialogs. 
So along with the transcriptions I will add some comments on some curious or funny translations. This is no criticism to translators--I know by experience how difficult a task it is--but just a way  of combining my love for the 80's show Remington Steele with another of my passions: English.



Yes, I do write fan-fiction, too. :-) This stuff is very new to me. I had never attempted to write any piece of fiction at all, let alone in English. Since I'm not a native speaker, this can be a hard task sometimes, although for some strange reason I find myself more at ease writing in English than I am in Spanish. In any case, I'd highly appreciate any correction on syntax or grammar. Any kind of feedback will be welcome. I'm very interested in learning.



In this section you can find scripts and transcripts I've downloaded from the Internet of some of the movies quoted in the show. Classical cinema is another one of my passions, and one important reason why I loved the series--apart from the obvious chemistry between the two leading characters and its mystery plots.


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