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Jambo! Welcome to my page. This page is dedicated to the lions of The Lion King, Simba's Pride....and of course, the HYENAS, the coolest carnivores ever. You'll also find stuff about real animals too! Most of this page is kid friendly...except maybe a couple of my drawings.

**Thanks to Silka for the awesome gifs... I can't seem to find your site anymore :( Need to link!!!**
Anything you'd like to see here? Let me know! Sign my gusetbook or send me an email...just point at the drinking Nala.

DISCLAIMER:  The Lion King and Simba's Pride are property of Walt Disney and Buena Vista.  No profit is being made from this webpage, I'm only spreading TLK pride. ALL images were scanned by myself, or borrowed WITH permission. Spirt Stallion of the Cimarron is the property of Dreamworks Studios. Captain Amelia is the property of Disney.

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