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Thank you for the beautiful graphic, Amy.

Heartland Graphics Committee

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The links below are all help/information pages at Yahoo/Geocities.

*Yahoo/Geocities Customer Care/Technical Help

*Heartland HeadQuarters-The first stop for Heartland resources..find your Community Leader,view a list of all the great Committees /Awards/Webrings Heartland has to offer and more

Heartland/Arbor Community Centre

Heartland/Stream Community Centre

* The Unofficial Geo Email Site - Lots of email info, including how to configure
programs such as EUDORA, for your geocities email address.

* Geocities WebTV Committee - Loads of information /help on how to make
your home in Geocities, if you are a WebTV User

* Sweet Tech's  help site for Geo Builder Users - A "must visit" site for help with Geocities latest page builder program.

* Mona's Moving In Page - A step by step guide on how to move in to your new home in Geocities, from Petsburgh/Zoo CL Mona

*The Graphics Ring - Over 700 sites offering all sorts of FREE Graphics.
They even have a Search Engine and Request Board to help you further.

*Jumbles Animal Gallery Over 500 graphics,animations,tubes,skins devoted to the world of Animals / Pets

*Spice's Spot" Tips and Resources Page - Lots of links to graphics programs,
how to promote your site, with tips to help you build a successful web -
Simple PSP Graphic tutorials are available too -

*The FONTain- Lots of links, free fonts and tutorials on how
to design graphics using only fonts


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