5 old rocker's from the 60's , in Fremont, Nebraska,  whom are  Inductees into The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame have gotten together to form Heartbreak Fatty & the Liver Spots.They combine 40 years of musical experience each and have come up with a nice blend of Rock 'n Roll, R&B and Blues. The main core of the band has been together for about five years.  Contact Dan Stoeber, 402-727-6657 or Steve Westphal, 402-721-9514
Dr. Bernie Fletcher is the bands keyboard player extraordinaire and sometime medical advisor. Bernie debuted with "The Six Wild Brakmen" back in the 60's while attending college to become a veterinarian."The Brakmen"  a popular band among the females of Fremont because they had some really cute guys in the band!  Bernie also sings harmony.
A special thank you to my friend Wayne Sylvis  "The Fugitives"  for all his help,input and tutoring in getting this site up. He's the sound man on the wav page......
Dan Stoeber (alias Jackie Mason) is more or less the metronome of the group, keeping them all on beat. Dan was an original member of "The Legends" in 1965 during high school,college and before his all expense paid trip to the tropics of Vietnam. The band then became "The 7 Legends" later on in 1965 after they acquired 7 band members." The 7 Legends"  a very popular 7-8 piece horn band  played all over the midwest from 1965 to 1972. It was Dan and Steve's  idea to put HBF together. Dan's favorite pastime is buying more "needed" equipment. Dan plays drums & sings harmony.
"Heartbreak Fatty" Steve Westphal was an original member of "The 7 Legends"  after "The Legends" reformed  the band in 1965. He also played with "J. Harrison B. and the Bumbles" and the legendary Stan Johnson in the early 70's while attending college. "The 7 Legends"  a popular 7-8 piece horn band  played all over the midwest from 1965 to 1972. Later in the 70's he had a single act that consisted mainly of bluegrass, flat pickin' and folk music. He played for about 3 years in and around the Fremont area. He and Dan Stoeber put the band together about 4 1/2 years ago. Steve was inducted into "The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame" in the summer of 2000 for his participation with "J. Harrison B."  Steve plays rhythm guitar, congas,tambourine, maracas and harmonica and sings lead vocals and harmony.
Gordon Kruse was a founding member of "The Six Wild Brakmen" in the 60's " The Brakmen"  a very popular band with the females of Fremont because of the really cute guys that played in the band.. He played with the band until he was inducted into the Air Force. He served  at Bien Hoa, AFB Republic of South Vietnam in 1970-1971 as an Air Force Advisor to the South Vietnamese Air Force. He then attended college in Mississippi. He moved to Dallas, Texas where he continued to play with several different Blues bands. Gordy plays bass (mama sings tenor) and sings harmony.
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L-R: Top: Steve Westphal  Gordon Kruse, Mike Semrad Lower L-R: Bernie Fletcher, Dan Stoeber.
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2001 Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Inductee
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Mike "Pinky" Semrad has joined Heartbreak Fatty as lead guitar player, vocals and harmony. Mike has been playing 4 decades in Nebraska with numerous bands starting with "The Nomads" in the very early 60's. He played with The Smoke Ring, J.Harrison B and the Bumbles and the The Mob. Mike is also a Trustee of The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame. Mike joined the band in Oct. 2001.
The Smoke Ring and J.Harrison B. and the Bumbles
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2002 Schedule
City of Fremont Holiday Party  2001
Platte Valley Special Reunion 2001:
With Alittle Help From Their Friends
New Years Eve  Wood Cliff Corral 2001
The Vault  Jan.11&12, 2002
J C F Days Fund Raiser Jan.19, 2002
All of HBF's shows Dec 2001-2002
The Vault Feb. 8, 2002
The Vault March 8 & 9, 2002
Barney's Bar & Grill March 30, 2002
Beaver Lake April 20, 2002
Blaine and Lisa Rump: 5/25/02
FHS '72 Class Reunion  6/01/02
Trevor and April Pascall 6-8-02
Omaha Country Club 6-22-02
A.B.A.T.E. Oakland, NE 6-29-02
JCF Days Alumni Dance 7-13-02
Wood Cliff Corral 2002
Cedar Bluff's Firehall 2002
Due to unfortunate lingering illness of band members, Heartbreak Fatty  has disbanded and is no longer available for gigs. We thank you for your support over the last several years.  4-2-03
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