Uncle Johannes
                 Aunt Martha

          In the Dragons of Histh story the event which triggered the
Great Migration of the dragons was the Great War,a battle of
epic proportions between dragons and humans in Europe.

      The dragons lost and either emigrated or were driven into
hiding.The Great War seriously impoverished the dragons who
remained behind.It was a WW2 exploit of Uncle Johannes that
made me aware that there had been a war in the homeland of
the family.WW2 is the Great War.

            In Dragons of Histh there is a stage where the dragons
cozy world has been obliterated by the transformation of one
of six dragoness's into a monstrous nasty cannabalistic
serpent.After things settled down the remaining five dragonesses
flee the caverns and go on a voyage of exploration in the
New World.

           The five dragonesses were the five aunts from my mothers
side of the family-Lies,Aleida,Lidje,Lenee and Martha.

            Contrary to popular belief,the Allies did not so much
liberate this area as the German occupiers gave it up.Just
as long as you weren't a fugitive or unemployed young man
of working age,the Germans left you alone .

         The impression I got from listening to relatives was that
the old folks scimmed money off the German occupation
whilst the young folks were bored,and tended to break curfew
and other antisocial acts more out of good humour than out
of any burning desire to chase out the Germans.

       The Germans had help from the collaborators,the
NSB'rs.These Dutch police-collaborators were the ones
who went about picking up the curfew breakers and hauling
them off to the Emmen jail.

        Probably Uncle Johannes was rounded up insuch a
fashion.What I do know was that he and a companion
were sent into Germany to work at one of the work camps
that antisocial young dutch men were sent to.

      Uncle Johannes and his companion quickly grew
homesick and decided to escape by hiding in the
undercarriages of rail cars.

        His companion was caught by the germans but
Johannes escaped detection and managed to return to
his parents.

      Though I probably met him twice before he
died I don't remember anything about him.I was well
aware that one of my mothers brothers had escaped
Germany by train,but never associated the oft told
tale with a face.

            He died in 1975 and I suspect his death sparked
my five aunts desire to visit Canada over the next few
        They'd never visited us prior to 1975 and after
1975 at least one or two of them would visit us
every 2 or 3 years.

          Aunt Martha retired to Barger Compascuum
and occupies her time with arts and crafts.

         Uncle Johannes is buried in the 'new'
graveyard of Barger Compascuum.

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