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The images shown here are miniatures (thumbnails). With most browsers you can click on the image to load one with a better resolution. We have a 72 gallon Bow Front tank. After a year and a half of having the tank shut down, we have finally finished our basement and restarted the tank. This time we decided to do a reef/fish tank. We started with 125# of live rock. In addition to the rock, we have a leather finger, a Hippo tang, a pair of Anthias a bunch of blue crabs, 2 Urchins, zoo's, a Yellow Tip Torch, a Hammer (compliments of Shozbot), snails , some yellow polyps and a bunch more.

We are in the process of planning out our 180 gallon tank to replace this one in early 2006.

This is our 72 gallon tank.
This is one of two Emerald Crabs. They were added August 12,2004.
This is a Star Polyp. It was added September 3,2004.
This is a Purple Finger Leather coral (not mine, but what will look like when it grows up). It is a frag that was given to me by a friend and added August 20,2004.
This is a Yellow Torch coral. This was added in December 2004.
This is a Hammerhead coral that was given to me by a co-worker. It was added September 23,2004.
This is our Watchman Gobbie.
This is one of three mushrooms given to me by a coworker.
This is one of two Purple Eye Pink Anthias. They were added October 16 ,2004.
This is one a Hippo tang. Her name is Dorie. She was added Nov 29, 2004.
This is one of two Cleaner Shrimp. They were added July 28 ,2004.
This is the left side of the tank. In it, there is a coco worm, yellow polyps, hammer, and orange zoo's.
This is the right side of the tank. In it, there is a star polyp, yellow bi-valve clam and several different mushrooms.
This is a Toadstool Leather. I got it in April and it is already starting to drop babies.
These are some green frilly mushrooms.
My orange zoo's.
This is a frag of a Kenya Tree that I got from a local club memebr.

Not shown are the newest members, a maroon clown, a Toadstool Leather, Candy Cane and a green frilly mushroom rock.

Salifert Prices

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