Welcome to Chloe's Page.

She was found wandering in New England and taken in by the Beagle Rescue organization - B.O.N.E.S.

The images shown here are miniatures (thumbnails). With most browsers you can click on the image to load one with a better resolution.

This is the picture of her as they showed us from B.O.N.E.S.
Her first afternoon with us, she makes herslef right at home.
When it comes to the kitchen, she is not shy. Come to think of it, she is not shy anywhere. She is Our 23 lb Energizer Beagle.
She makes herself at home anywhere, anytime.
Her first day with us and she makes herself at home anywhere.
Her first weekend with us, she is very happy in my dad's arms.
What does she hear?.
My sister has food for Chloe.
Isn't She Cute.
Making herself to home.
And Who says she is daddies baby.
It is so easy to do her nails.
Chloe is guarding the Christmas tree - making sure nobody takes off with it.
Santa Baby.
It is so tough to do her nails.
She loves to sleep.
She loves to sleep and sleep.
She loves to sleep and sleep and sleep.
She loves to be loved.
She loves to be loved.
She loves to be loved.
She loves to be loved.

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