"I'm not racist, i hate everyone equally"




1/14/2004:  added pic of me

added pics of friends and a drawing

added family pics


1/1/2004:  added pics of me

added pics of fam

added pics of friends

added stalker logo on home page


12/4/2003:  added new anarchy dolls




(I made the above so don't steal it!!!)
Welcome to my website, take a look around, there's a lot to see although I still have plenty more to add in.  Feel free to email me at any time and let me know some things I should add on to my website to make it better.  You can also IM me at any time if you would like to chat, I am up to meeting new people.  And please sign my guestbook below.  Enjoy!!! ~ Dana

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Email: great_dane_718@yahoo.com

Aim: greatdane718

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