"The Whistler's Mother-in-Law" by Bert Stevens & Larry Whagner

Hey, pa! Say, pa, I hear you, pa.
Hey, what a' ya cookin'?
Why ya lookin' 'round and about,
With your lips all puckered out?

If you're whistlin' 'cause you're happy,
Be very careful, pappy,
No tellin' just what a whistler's mother-in-law will do,
Altho' mammy's around the kitchen,
Attendin' to her stitchin',
There's granny behind the door,
Keepin' an eye on you.
She's got a direct suspicion,
You aim to do some fishin',
Yo' whistlin', I declare, gave it away for sure;
But I reckon you might o' known it,
Might just as well pospone it,
You ain't gonna go nowhere,
'Cept on a lecture tour.

"Jawn! Jawn!" That's what she'll be callin',
"Hurry up, and hoe that corn."
Bet she's only stallin',
That old lady's up to somethin'
Sho's you're born.

Just listen to granny cackle,
She's found yo' fishin' tackle,
A whistle for all yo' plans,
Now for the good they'll do.
Look at granny, she's got the flivver,
She's headin' for the river,
Well, isn't that like a man's mother-in-law for you.

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