A meeting of the Church-
wardens of St. David's Cathedral was
held at the Vestry on Wednesday Monday
the 28th. July 1862 at 3 o'C P.M. to receive
evidence on a charge brought against
Benjamin Brown, the Sexton, for refusing
to admit the Body of a Child into the Church,
and further for illegally demanding and receiving
certain fees for Pauper Burials. Present
Churchwardens. T.Giblin, F.Gresley, H.Cook.
H.Cook in the chair -

After a careful examination
into the evidence taken & a patient
hearing afforded to the accused the
Churchwardens decided as follows viz -

that Benjamin Brown shall
immediately express contrition to Messrs.
Henson & Wilson for his conduct, and
refund to them & all other Persons from
whom he had illegally & improperly exacted
fees, the several sums so obtained - as a
further mark of their extreme displeasure
they order a fine of 50/- (fifty shillings)
to be paid to the Benevolent Society
This order to be complied with to the
satisfaction of Mr. Gresley within 7
(seven) days, in default, dismissal
from office to ensue. Brown to be
severely reprimanded & cautioned as to
his future conduct.

Reprimanded accordingly

Henry Cook.

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