Stewart Graham. Saith,
I am Sexton of St. Davids burial ground. I remember the burial of Wm. Naybor. I knew that the Archdeacon had remitted the fees. My wife told me so. After the funeral was over Brown put a half Crown into my hand in the presence of Mr. Wilson saying at the same time "Here is what Mr. Wilson has given to me for you." I took the money. I believed the gift to be perfectly voluntary on Mr Wilson's part. Graham

I Stewart Graham also saith that I remember the burial of Thomas Henson's child. I was standing at the Gate when the child was brought to the burial ground. Henson waited for nearly half an hour before the other body was brought. After the service was over I heard Brown talking to Henson. I observed no money paid to Browne. I was busy at the time. Browne did not give me any money on that occasion or subsequently for digging the grave for Henson's child. Since I have been Sexton I have not received more than half a Crown from Browne for digging a grave and that was in Wm. Naybor's case. Some people have voluntarily given me money for digging and filling in graves, perhaps about six times, and not more than seven shillings altogether.

I was aware that Browne demanded monies on my account in the case of pauper funerals. The undertakers told me so, and I have two or three times mentioned the subject to Browne who used to remark "that he might as well make a few shillings as not, his salary was not so very much."
Stewart Graham

28th July 1862

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