Mrs. Henson.
Says that on the death of her little boy on the 22nd June Mr. Gray the Missionary went to the Archdeacon and arranged that the Charges for the funeral were to be remitted.

That on the following Wednesday the Child was buried in St. Davids burial ground, that Brown the Sexton demanded 5/- alleging that it was for the digging of the grave and that Henson, the father, paid the 5/- as demanded.

Mr. Gray was informed of the fact when he next called at the house of Mrs. Henson. Brown also called at the house and Mrs. Henson complained to him of the Charge of 5/- having been made. Brown made no reply but made a remark that Henson did not want the body to be taken into the Church. Mrs. Henson said that her husband did want the body to be taken into the Church and for that purpose had the Cab driven to the Church.

Brown said that it was a free funeral & that the body was to go direct to the ground. Henson was spoken to on the subject at the Church door by a gentleman connected with one of the newspapers. Henson is expected in town next Friday.

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