Imforamtion of Sperm Banks and Donors

Information on Sperm Banks and Donors

Artificial insemination is the best technique for reproduction for lesbian couples and involves the use of fresh sperm. It costs between $600 to $1800 per specimen. Timing the insertion of the sperm as well as medication can also affect the outcome. The chance that twins will be had is 8%.
Some sperm banks have photographs or audiotapes of the sperm donor for lesbians who would like to know more about him. Informing the mothers who the donor is, is called ‘non-anonymous sperm donation,’ and is commonly done in Scandinavia and New Zealand.
Lesbians choose their own donor in direct sperm donation. Also some lesbians want donors with specific characteristics. The cost of this procedure is $2000 and the fee also depends on the number of tests done on the sperm.
Most lesbian couples want the second child to have the same biological father. This causes a problem because there’s not always sperm left from the same exact donor. A way to prevent this from happening is to freeze the sperm, which deteriates slowly.
Also sperm banks have improved. They now test for HIV and hepatitis C and give lesbians a smaller chance of getting a disease.

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